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Optional Services – Extend Your Shipping Choices

DHL offers a wide range of Optional Services - from non-standard deliveries and billing options to climate neutral shipping. In this way, we give you the flexibility to choose the service that best fits your needs when using our express delivery services worldwide.
Please note that not all Optional Services are available with every shipment or in every country.

Additional charges for Optional Services for international shipments.

Optional Service How We Charge Additional Charge
Shipment Insurance By shipment value 60.00 HKD, or 2% of stated shipment value if higher
Extended Liability Per shipment 60.00 HKD
GOGREEN Climate Neutral Per shipment weight 1.10 HKD per kg, min. 1.10 HKD per shipment
Shipment Preparation Per shipment 200.00 HKD
Saturday Pickup Per shipment 350.00 HKD
Saturday Delivery Per shipment 350.00 HKD
Dedicated Pickup Per shipment 350.00 HKD
Dedicated Delivery Per shipment 350.00 HKD
Hold for Collection Per shipment No charge
Neutral Delivery Per shipment 30.00 HKD
Verbal Delivery Notification Per shipment 20.00 HKD
Direct Signature Per shipment 45.00 HKD
Signature Release Per shipment No charge
Duties and Taxes Paid Per shipment 150.00 HKD
Importer of Record Per shipment 120.00 HKD
Change of Billing Per invoice 100.00 HKD
Residential Address Per shipment No charge
Printed Invoice Per invoice 30.00 HKD
Valid from January 1, 2019
Optional Services and Surcharges are in addition to applicable transportation charges. They will be billed in accordance with the published rates current at the time the shipment booking is made.

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